If you want to connect trust wallet to Uniswap on iPhone you can swap Ethereum for another token. Here you need to connect a trust wallet to Uniswap and use the Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency in your wallet to swap for another token.

Though, the Trust Wallet being unavailable on the Dapps browser, and it is very difficult to use the Dapps to connect, as you need to use safari browser to connect to the Uniswap. The Safari browser is compatible on iOS and without this you would be not able to connect trust wallet to Uniswap.

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Connect Trust Wallet To Uniswap on iPhone

Steps to Connect Uniswap with Trust Wallet on iPhone:

Step 1: Initially you have to open Uniswap and connect to “Wallet Connect.”

Step 2: Now open a Safari browser on your iPhone.

Step 3: Here you have to go to the Uniswap website.

Step 4: Now tap on “Connect to a Wallet” on the swapping page.

Step 5: Now “Connect to a Wallet” that will allow you to connect to three different wallets.

Step 6: Wallet Connect will give you access to connect Uniswap to your Trust Wallet.

Step 7: Now after tapping on “Wallet Connect,” a pop-up will open, and you will click on “Trust” to connect to the trust wallet.

Step 8: After clicking on “Trust,” a message will pop up, and it will direct you to open the page on your trust wallet.

Step 9: Now link your wallet to the Uniswap interface.

Step 10: Just tap on “Connect” to connect your Trust Wallet to the Uniswap interface.

Note: If you don’t see the connect button, it may result from some network issues, and you can repeat the second step to get it running.

Step 11: Now after connecting to the Trust Wallet, go back to the Uniswap on your phone’s browser.

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Once you successfully connect your trust wallet to your Uniswap on iPhone you can see your Trust Wallet address at the bottom of the page, and you will be able to swap tokens. But make sure you should have a cryptocurrency in your account from aiding swapping.

Call Uniswap Customer Support Number for Help

Connecting the Trust Wallet to Uniswap is possible on iPhone if you successfully follow these steps carefully. And if there is any problem solving the same you need a crypto expert who can help you in solving the technical problem stopping you from connecting the trust wallet to Uniswap on your iPhone. Just dial the Uniswap customer support number and get the online assistance to resolve such issues. This helpline number is also available to resolve the Uniswap exchange related various issues remotely.


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