Bitcoin QT or Bitcoin Core reinstalling can cause problem like database corrupted and if you lost your money and all your wallet what will you do. How you can prevent such errors appear again and how to solve the root cause of problem causing this error.

This error comes when your database is corrupted so you need to find the right way to deal with this problem. And troubleshooting this problem you need to follow the right process otherwise you can face several other problems dealing with your Bitcoin account.

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This kind of error usually comes you update or upgrade your OS running with Bitcoin QT application in your system. Below we brought various troubleshooting solution to fix this problem and you can follow stepwise step of either any of the troubleshooting step.

Bitcoin system error

Steps to Fix Bitcoin QT Error:

Step 1: First of uninstall everything and rebooting your computer.

Step 2: Now reinstall bitcoin-qt on your system again.

Step 3: Or you can go to your %appdata% folder then roaming.

Step 4: Here delete everything but the wallet.file.

Step 5: Now download again the whole Blocks database.

Step 6: Now uninstall the program and re-install it.

Step 7: Make sure use Bitcoin QT version 0.8.3, and run it as Administrator.

Step 8: Also check whether there are some APP prevent QT to create data on Windows User Files.

Step 9: If problem persists make sure you checked your disc allocation.

Step 10: Now move the Bitcoin DB to a folder on a different partition.

Step 11: Now remove the chain and start a few times and it is corrupted again.

Call Bitcoin Customer Support Number for Help

Bitcoin QT or database corrupted error can be solved with the troubleshooting steps listed above. However, if you still face the same problem or Bitcoin database corrupted system error comes again you need assistance of an expert who can help you remotely in solving such issues remotely. Just dial the Bitcoin support number and get online assistance to fix the Bitcoin QT system error. This helpline number is always open to assist the Bitcoin users for solving the various other problems.


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