Having an account on Blockchain could be privilege for you not only for trading into cryptocurrencies but also gives you the advantage of having an account on world’s most advance decentralized platform. And have an account on this platform you need to verify your account with legal documents.

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Only having the documents and filling your detail would be not enough to open and verify the account on Blockchain, instead you have to follow the right process otherwise Blockchain will not accept you. There are few things you need to be very careful while verifying your identity, we have discussed the right way verifying the identity on Blockchain with tips to avoid any problem during verification.

10 Tips to Verify Identity on Blockchain:

#1 Ensure You Use a Valid ID

The first and most important thing is the ID card or document you are using should be valid and legally issued by the Government or designated authorities. So, make sure it is not physically damaged, not expired, and use the physical document for your verification as photocopies and printouts are not permitted.

#2 Use High-Resolution Camera

While taking picture to upload for verification use the high resolution camera phone that cane take the clear picture. And if you are using the laptop or tablet make sure the camera lens is clear and dust-free.

#3 Complete this Process Quickly

You have just five minutes to show your identity, otherwise the session will close and you have to restart. So, keep ready all the ID documents and other things handy. And there are limited attempt options to try, and if miss you have to wait for the next day.

#4 Use Your Complete Legal Name

On social media platforms many people use their long titled name to get connected with similar type people, but here it doesn’t work. Yes you have to use your full and complete name showing your ID and if there is any discrepancy you will be not verified and you will face the problem.

#5 A Good Lighting Condition while Taking Photos

The room having the insufficient lighting condition or background is not suitable for taking pictures will result in low-quality photos making your verification process doubtful and maybe canceled.

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#6 Take the Clear Photos of Your ID

If your photo is blur, extra bright, dark shade, too close or too long distance it will be not accepted. If you upload such picture there is very less chance of having the right picture that are readable and your identification will be rejected or pending till you upload the sharp and readable picture.

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#7 Take Picture of Both Sides of Your ID

While uploading your ID card you have to take pictures of both sides and upload the same. Apart from your photo there are many other details like DOB, gender, residence address, expiry date and issuing authority are also printed on your ID card.

#8 Always Upload your Passport Photo Page

While uploading the picture of your ID always take the photo of photo page like passport and other similar documents and also upload the picture having the necessary details. And some ID cards need all sides of pictures to confirm all the details and verification process will have higher chances of success.

#9 Take a Selfie with Your ID

Taking a selfie is always an obsession since the smartphones developed with the front camera. And here at the time of verifying your identity to have an account on Blockchain platform you will be asked to take a selfie of yourself with your selected ID. And while taking the selfie make sure ID card, residence permit, driver’s license or passport and your face are clearly visible and in focus.

10# Upload ID with High Speed Internet Connection

When you collect all the documents and taken the pictures of your identity cards connect your device with high speed internet connection. Because many times due to low internet speed or connectivity issues, the pictures are optimized and get blurred making difficult to read the documents. And the device you are using to upload the document running with slow internet connection it will take too much time to upload or might go in loop with buffering circle showing on your screen.

Call Blockchain Customer Support Number for Help

These are the few points you need to be very careful while verifying your ID on Blockchain. However, if you still face any problem you can call at Blockchain contact number. This helpline number is open for the Blockchain users facing the different types of problems including while opening or verifying their account with Blockchain or wallet related and cryptocurrency trading related various issues.


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