Cryptocurrency investors in India can use the Binance for trading in the Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency. On Binance users can use the Wallet to store or transfer their fund or money to any other Crypto exchange like WazirX.

Although, transferring the crypto from Binance to any other exchange like WazirX is not easy. But once you done you can enjoy the flexibility of WazirX account and also explore various Binance products. If more info contact Binance Customer service number.

And using the WazirX, you can purchase cryptocurrencies with INR using popular payment methods such as UPI, Instant Deposit IMPS/NEFT/RTGS. And below you can find steps to know how to transfer crypto from Binance to Wazirx with stepwise guidance.

Steps to Send Crypto from Binance to Wazirx:

If you are an existing customer connect your Binance with WazirX accounts and just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Start with Log in to your Binance account.

Step 2: Now select “Wallet”-“Overview” from the top right part of the page, then choose “WazirX.”

Step 3: Click “Connect WazirX” on the pop-up window that shows up.

Step 4: Now Click “Login via Binance” on the webpage that shows after the previous step.

Step 5: Here your email address associated with your Binance account will be used to access WazirX.

Step 6: Now Click “Continue.” Please ensure your account on Binance and WazirX is with the same email address.

Step 7: Here you need to authenticate your account with 2FA details.

Step 8: And then, you’ve successfully integrated your Binance and WazirX accounts!

Note: If you’re not an existing WazirX user, you will be redirected to the integration page, make sure enter your Binance account credentials and authenticate with Binance account 2FA.

You’ll be then automatically redirected to WazirX, complete the sign-up process, and set-up your 2FA. You will then have connected both your accounts.


How to Transfer Cryptocurrency from WazirX to Binance (Web)

Just like transferring the Crypto from Binance to WazirX, you can send cryptocurrency from WazirX to Binance.

Steps to Send Crypto from Wazirx to Binance:

Step 1: After buying the cryptocurrency, go to “Funds” and select “Transfer funds to Binance.

Step 2: Select the cryptocurrency and enter the amount that you want to send. Click “TRANSFER TO BINANCE.”

Step 3: Complete your WazirX 2FA Authentication to finish the transfer.

Step 4: Here you will receive your cryptocurrency in your Binance Wallet.

Step 5: Now use this cryptocurrency to buy/sell/trade/earn cryptocurrencies of your choice.

Call Bitcoin Support Phone Number for Crypto Transfer Issues

You can transfer cryptocurrency from Binance to WazirX or vice-versa. It is finally depends on you how you transfer the cryptocurrency from these two exchanges. However, if you face any kind of technical error while sending the Bitcoin, you can call at Bitcoin Customer Support Number to assisted by the experts and easily send the crypto from Binance to WazirX or WazirX to Binance exchange.


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