The security center of Blockchain wallet is especially designed to simplify the process of securing your wallet from unauthorized access. And, to utilize this Blockchain security center, you need to make sure that you have verified your email address.

Actually, when you create an email account with Blockchain wallet you get an instant notification of mail into your mail account from with the subject “Please Verify Your Email Address”. And at that time you have to verify your mail account with security center to get undisrupted mails.

To verify your mail just click on the link given into your mail account after registering with Blockchain wallet. And if you want to do it later with Blockchain wallet security center you can find below you can find the stepwise guidance to verify the same.

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Blockchain Email Verify Security

Steps to Verify Email with Blockchain Wallet Security Center:

Step 1: First login into wallet account and request a verification code.

Step 2: Now use this verification code to verify your email account.

Step 3: You can also change the email address associated with your wallet.

Step 4: To verify the email click on send code.

Step 5: You will receive an email from with the subject “Blockchain Wallet Confirmation Code”.

Step 6: Now copy the code and paste or enter manually in the field back in your wallet.

Step 7: After entering the code, just click on “Verify Code” to confirm.

Step 8: If you not receive the email you can press on Resend Email.

Step 9: Now use the code in the same way to verify your mail.’

And after verifying your mail you can use it to authorize logins, send payment notifications, and notify you of wallet updates. And every time when you log into your wallet from a different device or IP address you will be asked to verify the login by a verification on the same mail id you have verified earlier.

However, if you ever want to change your email address, you can go back to the Security Center and click on “Change Email”. But please note that it will not change the email address you use to buy or sell the cryptocurrency through Blockchain. But if you not register your mail id you can face Blockchain not receiving email problem.

Hence, make sure verify your mail id with Blockchain wallet security center and if there is any problem, you can call at Blockchain customer support number and get online assistance by experts to help you verifying your email account. These certified technician will help you remotely to solve the problem you are facing while verifying your email account and fix various other issues affecting your Blockchain account.


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